Sustainability is a top priority for us


We Reduce

  • We encourage caterers to use as much locally sourced food as possible, which minimizes transportation fuel emissions.

  • We reduce waste by serving items in bulk when possible (ie. condiment dispensers instead of individual sized containers, filtered water cooler stations instead of plastic bottles, etc.)

  • We use non-plastic, eco-friendly utensils.

  • We utilize non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning supplies.

  • We have water efficient toilets.

  • Our energy efficient windows help regulate temperatures.

  • Our high efficiency heating and cooling system reduces energy by 22%.

We Reuse

  • We have a collection of restored mid-century modern furniture.

  • Our hardwood floor is made of a reclaimed 120 year old wood.

  • Our entire building was restored and re-purposed and was once a manufacturing facility.

We Recycle

  • We use on-site compost and recycling systems (sorted on-site) reducing up to 90% of event-generated waste, which would otherwise be landfilled.