Staying Green as the Temperatures Drop!

Life in the Polar Vortex hasn't been easy. For the past month, constant snowfall and below-freezing temperatures have kept most Chicagoans indoors. Spending your morning digging your car out of a snow mountain, waiting for the bus while bracing yourself against a -20 windchill, or even stepping outside to walk your dog- this weather can leave you feeling exhausted! Sometimes the only way to cope is to order takeout, watch Netflix, and call it a night. But when you're spending so much time indoors, giving your home a little TLC can make a huge difference in your mood and your ability to survive and conquer what's going to be a long (and cozy!) winter.

We've been really inspired by Apartment Therapy's January Cure. The January Cure is a 20-step task list for clearing away clutter and deep cleaning your home, making it impossible to say, "I don't know where to begin!" It'll be awhile before spring cleaning, so we decided not to wait. Each task is totally manageable, and most can be accomplished in a weeknight evening. Since January is over, challenge yourself to begin next month!

Taking small steps to winterize your home can make a huge difference in energy usage and heating costs. Check out 19 easy projects to keep you warm!

We LOVE our houseplants - at Greenhouse loft we keep a mix of succulents, tropical plants, and shade-loving greenery in the office to brighten things up and keep the air clean. Even if they're indoors, plants often require special care during the winter. Misting them often is a great way to make up for the humidity that's lost from indoor heating. This post from Need Supply, one of our favorite online shops, offers great tips for winter plant care. If you have a particularly green thumb, try your hand at keeping an herb garden with herbs that grow well indoors!

Japanese Kokedama string gardens are a gorgeous alternative to hanging planters and so easy to make! It's a great weekend project and would be so much fun for kids, too. Check out this tutorial for making your Kokedama thrive throughout the darker and colder months.

And if you're just tired of staring at the walls of your own home this winter, no matter how clean and insulating they may be, it just might help to check out some Cabin Porn.

Happy winter!!

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