Pop Rocks!

Sometimes, our clients have wedding celebrations that don’t include alcohol. We live in a golden era of delicious things to drink that don’t include the hard stuff. We mentioned punch a while back as an option for weddings without alcohol, which really got our juices flowing (ha!). Think about how pretty different flavors of lemonade (strawberry, peach, and classic lemon) could look when set up and served by your caterer. You could also do different kinds of iced tea. There’s no shortage of interesting bottled sodas these days either! We love Jarritos and Boylan sodas; the glass bottles are easy to recycle and there are so many fun flavors! Set up in a zinc bucket, a variety of colorful sodas would look awesome. One idea we think is extra cool would be to set up an old time Chicago soda-jerk station- you could offer Green River, 50/50, and Goose Island’s soda offerings.

pop rocks

If you’re not a soda person, we recently became obsessed with Agua Fresca and Horchata... so good, especially if your menu is inspired by Mexican cuisine. We also love the idea of a coffee bar set-up with all different kinds of flavored syrups and pretty mugs. The last idea is probably the most fun- a hot chocolate extravaganza. For a winter wedding this would be incredibly sweet and delicious and serve the double purpose of warming everyone up!

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