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The days are finally getting longer, and it's getting hard not to start dreaming about that first day of early spring when you can leave your house in shoes-without-socks and an unbuttoned jacket. It's coming!! Late winter calls for a revitalized beauty routine. We need a little extra TLC for tired and dry skin, and maybe a pedicure for your snowbooted feet. At GHL we're big on experimenting with natural remedies, from using coconut oil for everything to exploring the many health and beauty benefits of raw honey. Here's a little roundup of our favorite reads and some fantastic places in Chicago for eco-friendly beauty luxury!

No More Dirty Looks is one of the best natural beauty blogs around (and apparently run by the art director of the best shop for gorgeous, sustainably and ethically produced basics, Everlane). NMDL's Morning Skin and Hair Routines... Exposed! are a great source of inspiration from the everyday lives of real women and filled with tons of practical advice for natural, nourishing, and non-toxic beauty regimens.

Empowered Sustenance is a holistic health and wellness blog that has really caught our attention recently. Check out her articles on great skincare oils you might not have heard of and 15 head-to-toe uses for bentonite clay.

Living Pretty, Naturally features natural beauty product reviews, healthy recipes, tips, and a helpful list of ingredients to avoid.

Organic Beauty Talk is a very informative source for information about trusted non-toxic and natural brands and sooo many delicious smoothie recipes!

Reading product reviews can be helpful, but can also become quickly overwhelming. And since many natural and organic beauty products are only most widely available online, it can be hard to make a choice! If DIY appeals to you, you might want to try Wellness Mama's recipes for homemade makeup and experiment with creating your own products with easy-to-find, affordable ingredients.

In Chicago, we love Mojo Spa for their natural makeup and products made in-house! And Nokotivo non-toxic spa and beauty boutique offers 100% chemical-free treatments for the ultimate in natural and eco-conscious beauty.

And of course, reducing stress is the best beauty trick there is. Light some candles, add salts and lavender essential oils to your bath, and breathe deep!

Below is a collage of photos taken at a Kinfolk workshop that Estera Events planned last spring in our space. It was fun to make all kinds of non-toxic home and beauty products. Lemon and lavender make everything magical!

Photos by Jamie Davis of Greenhouse Loft

Photos by Jamie Davis of Greenhouse Loft

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