Beverage Month - Punches!

Are you looking to serve something unique and cost-effective at your wedding? If you’re like most people your answer is “Yes, something unique and cost effective sounds great.” One option that works really well for this is to offer punch service.


Punch has a long and storied history, and since you’ll be making your own history at your wedding, it’s the perfect thing for you and your guests to sip on during your event. According to this website, Punch’s origins come from the hindi word Paunch which means 5 and signifies the number of ingredients typically used to make a punch. We really enjoyed taking a look at David Wondrich’s book Punch when we got curious about this concoction! You can find out more about his book here.

After doing some research, you’ll find there are many classic options for punch: Planter’s Punch, Champagne Punch, and Bourbon Punch are just a few. Pimm’s Cups and Sangria are also delicious variations on punch (and favorites of our staff here at GHL).

Another thing that’s great about punch is that you can make it alcohol free, without putting a damper on your party. Everyone loves something refreshing and fizzy in a pretty glass. Next, we’ll take a look at some more options that don’t include alcohol.

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