Choosing a Wedding Date in Chicago

Congratulations on getting engaged! Planning a wedding can be one of the most fun and rewarding experiences in your life! 

Once the question is popped, you (or your fiancé) will immediately start thinking details…who, what, when, where… you get the picture! 

As you’re thinking through the details, there are some seemingly obvious things that you will need to consider; location, price, season, DJ or band, chicken or fish… you will be making many decisions in the coming months. 

One important choice you will make early in the process is the wedding date. You may have that special date in mind or you can let your favorite venue’s availability decide for you. Many venues in Chicago book up well over a year in advance, so you may have to be patient! However, ask any couple who has planned a wedding, the engagement period goes by very fast, so don’t feel so bad about having to plan your wedding 15+ months in advance. At Greenhouse Loft, we post our availability calendar on our website to make it easier for couples to see their options. 

While certain dates seem obvious to avoid, in Chicago, it may be beneficial for you to do a little more research into the big events that happen in and around the city during the summer months. If you share your wedding date with a big convention, it might affect the availability of hotel blocks for your guests. Here are some yearly events that you may want to be aware of as you’re choosing your wedding date. 


May kicks off those warm days of summer and is a very popular month to get hitched. May also holds the National Restaurant Association Show where over 70,000 people attend! 


During the first week of June, the ASCO annual meeting is held at various locations in Chicago and brings in about 35,000 attendees. NeoCon®, while it only lasts 3 days and is typically during the weekdays, in 2018 they expect 40,000 attendees. 


The Taste of Chicago is a summer staple around here. Following Independence Day, part of the downtown area is taken over by one of the largest food festivals in the city. 


Lollapalooza is a huge music festival. It sells out each year and brings massive crowds to the city. It is now a 4 day festival typically in the first week of the month. Don’t forget about the Air & Water Show toward the end of the month! 


Just under 100,000 people come to the IMTS Conference in mid-September. Late September brings another 20,000 to the GRAPH EXPO®. 


Over 150,000 people decide to lace up their running shoes for a 26.2 mile run. This event will not only affect your hotels, due to the sprawling street closures, getting from one part of the city to another can be very difficult. You might have some marathoners in the background of your off-site photos if you’re taking pictures downtown. The PACK EXPO, ACR/ARHP Meeting and the Ophthalmology meetings close out the rest of October. 

Chicago is a popular city and let’s face it, it is beautiful in the summer months! It’s no wonder that our convention centers attract such big events each year. The summer festivals are a part of why we love this city! Don’t let these popular festivals and conventions deter you from your ultimate wedding date, but maybe check in with hotels before your put down a non-refundable deposit. 

Happy Planning!
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* events mentioned are just some of the many events that happen in Chicago.
Check Choose Chicago for a more detailed list.