Jeannie + Nick

My eyes cracked open at 6:30am on June 12th, 2016 and I couldn’t believe it- today was my wedding day! The morning hours quickly passed as they were filled with laughter, excitement, and preparations. Before I knew it, we were off to take pictures on our way to the church. The weather outside was perfect- beautiful and sunny with a cool breeze in the air. I just couldn’t wait to see my future husband and love of my life!

Once we arrived at the church, everything became a blur of overwhelmingly happy emotions. The ceremony was short and sweet with a few personal touches; the pictures at Lincoln Park were bound to be beautiful with our location, weather, the lovely faces of our friends, and very gifted photographers. We walked into the reception to see our ideas displayed perfectly through the hands of amazing staff, and the rest of the night felt like a constant flow of love and support from people we treasure. It is truly a day we will remember forever.

Wedding Date: June 12, 2016


*Members of the Green Wedding Alliance