This Week's GHL Reads

It's the most wonderful time of the year! (cover shot courtesy of Genevieve - she may or may not have had some fresh Tom + Jerry's in that mug)

Seriously, we know the holiday season is shorter this year, but we think having everything concentrated into a short and sweet amount of time makes everything even more merry.

This local soap company is the business, the scents are intoxicating and the suds are incredible... These make excellent gifts for this time of year, or really any time of year. We just got some of their lychee soap and it is ahhhhh-mazing; also vegan, sustainable, and handmade.

Greenhouse Loft Photography was featured on the blog Borrowed and Bleu! Leah and Nishant's wedding was gorgeous and we were so happy to have it in our space and have the chance to shoot it!

These cookies look great!

This classic recipe for eggnog proved to be a hit last weekend. The article is correct- it's more like dessert than a beverage.

This made us chuckle, and hopeful.

Interesting and cute video proving another reason to eat organic.

If you like fun, you'll love the Christkindlmarket.

Enjoy our iPhone photo medly of staff photos taken during this season!    

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