This Week's GHL Reads

We had a nice week this week, quietly working away! The wedding season is slowing down and we have a just a few more awesome winter weddings left for the year.

Last weekend we had an awesome wedding of Jessica and Chris! The cover shot is them happy as can be during the best man speech!

Here are some things we found interesting and worth sharing with you this week!

We started ordering takeout from The Brown Sack recently. There is something for everyone on the menu; it's vegetarian friendly, gluten-free friendly, and 100% delicious!

The U.S. Green Building Council is working hard to form a partnership on building materials and products transparency.

Check out this article from The Harvard Business Review to get some new insights on what really makes a great team great.

Looking forward to checking out this eco-friendly salon in Chicago!

You could spend a lot of time on Tastemade.

We'd love to host this kind of wine tasting.

Cool article about the origins of Leopard Print in apparel from one of our favorite sites!

Super digging West Elm's Made in the USA online marketplace... just in time for the holidays

We added a new caterer to our list! Welcome Big Delicious Planet! If you like yummy, eclectic, and sustainable food, check them out!     

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