This Week's GHL Reads

Have we mentioned fall is in the air? Check out these amazing squash recipes, at the Kitchy Kitchen. Squash Lasagne anyone?

It's a great time of year to appreciate the splendor of the Midwest. Here are some great hikes around chicago; imagine taking them with crisp air and a cozy scarf! Jamie likes Devil's Lake, in Wisconsin, which isn't on the list, but definitely worth a trip.

Comic Sans, the font, is an easy target for jokes. We revisited some funny blogs this week here (classic logos in comic sans) and here (Mcsweeny's always provides a laugh.)

Did you know that besides looking good, plants help filter bad chemicals from the air? This article is super informative; and we've already got a bunch of these plants in our space!

This cookbook is right up our alley (via Orangette)

Have you stopped by the refreshed Dose Market in Chicago? This week's theme looks fun!
Halloween is coming up... Are you ready for a spooooooky night? Here are some tips to make your Halloween Green!

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